A question about a recipe: Gnudi with Lemon-Thyme Butter and Breadcrumbs

Can't wait to make this! Do you find that Ricotta that is fairly dry and spreadable (like the brilliant Salvatore Ricotta) really needs to be strained or is this more a fail-safe direction for ricotta in general?




Meatballs&Milkshakes August 15, 2011
I tend to strain the ricotta until I think meatball sized scoops will almost hold their shape. The problem is, if it's too wet then you have to add a lot more flour to make the gnudi hold their shape and not fall apart in the water.
lastnightsdinner August 15, 2011
Hi there! I think if you're using the Salvatore or a ricotta with similar texture (or a sheep's milk ricotta, which also tends to be less wet), you can probably skip the straining. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it!
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