What kind of ground turkey to you buy? I know you can get extra lean ground turkey breast, or just lean, etc...

Spicy Turkey Meatloaf
Recipe question for: Spicy Turkey Meatloaf


SKK August 17, 2011
I highly recommend either grinding the meat yourself (I have an attachment with my Kitchen Aid) or having the store do it. Not only for the superior taste but for food safety. There is a huge recall of ground turkey (36 million pounds) from Cargill.

Erin J. August 17, 2011
I agree about the thigh meat...and most stores with a decent meat section will offer it or grind it for you if you request it. Just don't buy the super-lean turkey breast grind. It's so lean it doesn't work well for the recipe...it gets dried out easily and is super easy to overwork.
Aki K. August 17, 2011
Your best bet for both flavor and moisture would be ground thigh meat. In most stores you can buy pre-ground turkey thigh meat but for best flavor you can buy the thighs and grind them yourself at home. It's not that much extra work, especially if you get boneless thigh meat and the difference it makes in the final dish is worth the effort.
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