How much liquid is too much in chutney?

I made small batch of plum and apple chutney last night, and was confident when I jarred it that it had reached the right consistency (I could part the seas so-to-speak in the pot). Now I am a bit worried however, that it is has too much liquid in it because this morning it resembled more of a loose cranberry sauce than a jam. Will this solidify? Should I drain some of the liquid? Or can I leave it as is?

  • Posted by: jibble
  • August 18, 2011


jibble August 18, 2011
Hi Allijane,

Thanks for the response. Should I decant and reheat the chutney and either sieve it or add gelatin?
Allijane August 18, 2011
U can either drain it a bit further w fine mesh seive or add a small amount of gelatin to firm it up a bit. Just a pinch and incorporate well then rechill and let set.
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