Is there any kind leavening added to the topping? we're getting entirely different results-- doesn't look anything like your photo. In your cob...

...bler, it looks like the topping was a kind of dough that involved some leavening. Ours looks good (haven't tasted it yet, still baking) but our topping looks more like crumbles and less delicious dough-looking like yours

Peach Cobbler
Recipe question for: Peach Cobbler


FeralVermonter September 4, 2011
We did: it's already et and gone. Thank you for the recipe.
marynn September 4, 2011
FeralVermonter, no, I do not use leavening; it's one of the reasons the top isn't doughy which I like. What I find, however, is if the peaches are really juicy, the top sort of sinks down in the filling like a tasty iceberg. Did you use all the butter? (I know...) and did you drizzle the butter on after you had sprinkled the topping on the peaches?

In any event, thank you for trying it and I truly hope you enjoyed it!
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