A question about a recipe: Savory Kugelhopf

I'd like to make this in a regular-size kugelhopf mold. Claudia Roden's kugelhopf that I usually make in that pan uses 3 1/3 cups flour and 3 eggs. So I guess just doubling the amounts of your recipe should be fine?

Nadia Hassani
Savory Kugelhopf
Recipe question for: Savory Kugelhopf


hah September 12, 2011
Don't double the yeast, but everything else is okay. You might find that it'll take a little longer to rise than a single recipe, but slow rising always gives more flavor to the dough. Doubling the yeast will make the dough taste too much like yeast, which is not what you want.

Don't double the yeast, btw, when doubling any yeast dough recipe. For lots of info on yeast doughs and other baked goods, check out the King Arthur Flour site. The folks there have taken my bread baking from sad to excellent.
Sagegreen September 12, 2011
I think it would. Let me know how it works out. Thanks!
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