A question about a recipe: Three Onion Chowder with Parsleyed Oyster Crackers

I have a question about the ingredient "russet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/2 dice" on the recipe "Three Onion Chowder with Parsleyed Oyster Crackers" from thirschfeld.

Should the potato be pre-cooked, or will the diced potato cook in the pot after you add it in? I wasn't sure as it seems like they go in late in the recipe. Should they be a fairly small dice? Thanks!

Jessica Nelson
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1 Comment

wssmom September 14, 2011
As the chowder is brought to a boil and then allowed to rest, covered, for 30 minutes, the potatoes in 1/2-inch dice (which is fairly small) go in uncooked.
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