I'm planning a luncheon for diabetics and want to present a beautiful, healthy, low fat, low carb, low sugar meal with a Mediteranean flair. I will be making a Caprese Salad and low fat chicken entree...But I'm stuck on dessert. Help, Ideas, anyone?
Thanks, Micki

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jenmmcd June 1, 2011
Strawberries with reduced balsamic and roasted pine nuts. Add a Tbs of fresh whipped cream.
micki B. October 24, 2010
Thanks everyone for your suggestions... I especially liked the ideas for use of pineapple ( Healthier Kitchen) ,apples & pears ( Dr. Babs) . Since apples are lower glycemic I 'm leaning that way .. Poached ( w/out alcohol ) per Dr. Babs or possibly baked . Either way cinnamon is a definate ! The tricky part is avoiding blood spiking sugars, refined carbs & fats, & disguised products ( i.e milk, cream.yugurts, ( high in sugar), refined grains/carbs, sugar alternatives ( honey, maple syrup even agave touted as low glycemic seems to have = carbs), & then there 's avoiding fat ( cheese, etc). ! I'll sleep on this & decide tommorrow. Thanks all.
askann October 22, 2010
There are some desserts made with farina (like Cream of Wheat) Maybe you can modify the sugar levels or use agave or splenda instead?.



If you have a Japanese store around, the other option is something naturally pretty low in sugar: Mochi
Imane October 22, 2010
You can cook Bulghur which is a brown craked wheat with onion and tomatoes and serve it as a side dish....Here is how...

1 cup bulghur
2 tomatoes chopped finely
1 medium onion chopped finely
1 Tablespoon tomato paste
1 cup water or any broth you like. I use water
Salt and black pepper to taste

Fry onion in 1 tbspoon olive oil till tender
add washed bulghur and stir for 2 to 3 minutes
then add tomatoes and stir for 5 minutes or till tomatoes softened.
Add water with tomato paste, salt and pepper
Bring to boil covered and let simmer till water dries and burghul is cooked
It's a low sugar dish.
Wish you a good luck...

luvcookbooks October 22, 2010
realized i answered the top of the foodpickle question and blipped over the part where you only needed help with dessert...sorry
roasted fruit recipes from 7 Fires look really interesting, haven't tried any yet but if you look athe Piglet from last year there are some reviews of recipes
healthierkitchen October 22, 2010
What about caramelized pineapple slices? Just a sprinkle of brown sugar and grill or grill pan. Also if you have time and opportunity, I don't know if any of this is on line, but check out Amy Riolo's Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook. It's pretty good as she's a chef and it was vetted by dieticians. She has a milk and rose water pudding, and a pumpkin pudding, as well as some cookies ant other fruit desserts.
mrslarkin October 22, 2010
Yes, agave syrup is low glycemic. So if u can google dessert recipes w that ingredient I bet u will find something great. Or google low glycemic desserts. I like drbabs crumble idea, using agave, cinnamon, oatmeal.
drbabs October 22, 2010
You could poach apples and/or pears in wine, or if you're avoiding alcohol, in water sweetened with agave nectar (is supposed to not raise blood sugar) with lots of cinnamon (also good for controlling blood sugar). You could add dried fruit as well; just be aware that it's loaded with sugar. You could make a crunchy oat topping (which would have butter and sugar in it but you're just using a little) and crumble a little over the top of the fruit for serving.
luvcookbooks October 22, 2010
Butternut squash soup with apples (sm quantities, cups, not bowls). Or a clear soup, like miso, or chicken bouillon, or beef bouillon. Anyway, soup is always nice at lunch, slows you down emotionally and helps u focus on your friends as well as helping u to consume less calories. Then sm portions of quinoa or couscous with cooked greens. did u know u can cook the greens at the top of the brussel sprouts stalks? roasted vegetables. fruit dessert with hot tea or coffee.
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