A question about a recipe: Beef & Eggplant Flatbread Sandwiches. I have no dill. And I don't care for it much, anyway. Can I use parsley?

Making this tonight! Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



SKK September 30, 2011
If you don't like dill don't use it! Use what you love and it all works out. I concur with the opinions above - parsley and mint.
wssmom September 30, 2011
I think it will taste different, but good nonetheless. The mint, I think, is the key here.
sdebrango September 30, 2011
I do a lot of middle eastern cooking and although I like dill, for this I think parsley and the mint would be an even better match. I'm sure its delicious as intended but in my opinion it would be perfect with the parsley.
Greenstuff September 30, 2011
I love dill, but I've never really thought so much about its use in Turkish beef and lamb dishes. If you leave it out, you'll just get a flavor shift, away from an almost sour note to some flavors you like more. I assume you're keeping the mint? But really--it's your dinner and the beef and eggplant could lend themselves to a whole lot of non-dill flavors. Parsley would be great.
drbabs September 30, 2011
I can't imagine why not. (sounds great!)
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