A question about a recipe: Lemony Cheese Blintzes

I have a question about the ingredient "vegetable oil, plus more for frying" on the recipe "Lemony Cheese Blintzes" from merrill.

Is there any particular reason to use veg oil here in place of melted butter? How would the substitution change the pancake (aside from its flavor)?

  • Posted by: Rivka
  • October 7, 2011
Lemony Cheese Blintzes
Recipe question for: Lemony Cheese Blintzes


cookbookchick October 8, 2011
I just made Julia Child's crepe batter recipe today. The proportions and ingredients are nearly identical except she (of course!) calls for melted butter. But what is a blintz, if not a crepe by another name?
Rivka October 7, 2011
makes sense to me. I always wonder about veg oil/butter substitutions; I've been subbing melted butter in my challah lately, as well as in quick breads, and I have to say, the flavor is so much better. Maybe I'll try it here and report back.

This is the perfect break-fast recipe for those observing Yom Kippur tomorrow - thanks for sharing!
Merrill S. October 7, 2011
I don't know! I just followed the recipe and used oil. I'm guessing melted butter would be just fine, though, and the pancakes would likely brown a little more.
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