vegetarian main course (seafood OK) that pairs well with bourbon

my friends and i are planning a "cocktail off" in a couple weeks. the cocktails are all going to be bourbon-based (really old overholt rye!). we need a good main course that is vegetarian that will pair well with bourbon. seafood is OK...any ideas???

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Rivka October 10, 2011
What about Merrill's Pasta al Forno ( Bold flavors, both salty and sweet, would play off bourbon really well, I think.
healthierkitchen October 10, 2011
btw, I have sometimes served the butternut squash dish above with simple roasted shrimp.
healthierkitchen October 10, 2011
Haven't actually had this with bourbon, but I think this might work and it is delicious:
amysarah October 10, 2011
Strong, sharp cheese works well with bourbon - maybe a rich baked pasta, made with sharp cheddar and a cheese that's a little nutty, like fontina? Whisky also does well with oranges/citrus (think whisky/bourbon sours) - so maybe a salad made with endive, oranges, pecans...
boulangere October 9, 2011
You're going to need a strong protein to stand up to that lovely bourbon. Think shark. Or seared ahi.
JessicaBakes October 9, 2011
I'd recommend just about anything with pecans. Try a hearty salad with white beans, toasted pecans and wild rice.
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