Having NO luck posting new recipes. Is anyone else having this trouble?

I am always asked, repeatedly, to log back in and then told there was a problem.



luvcookbooks October 29, 2011
using aol/pc/ie
use recipe banner, add a recipe/log in
already logged in
go to log in screen over and over
finally got to add a recipe!!!!
ipk you are the one who gave me the tip to get to the screen to add the recipe, thanks!!
peter, i followed your link to the book blog and later in the day spent many dollars at an indie bookseller b/o yr blog's suggestions
would never have happened if not for the redesign
#everything happens for a reason if it turns out well for you but don't go around saying it to people who have suffered a disaster
vrunka October 28, 2011
Hi -- FYI, I am having the exact same problem as people have described above, but only in the Chrome browser. If I switch to IE or Firefox, it works fine. I use a Windows PC.

Just to reiterate what the problem is: I click on the Add a Recipe button, it takes me to the login screen. Even though I am logged in, I put in my login again, but it just returns me to the Recipe page.
em-i-lis October 29, 2011
So interesting because I am having no luck with IE but do have luck with Firefox. This is odd. Still no views/hits showing...
creamtea October 28, 2011
As I see it, one of the problems is the load time issue, where if I check back before maybe 10 mins. to see if a recipe posted, it's not there yet, so I post it again. After which it appears 2x! Just one of the issues.
Peter October 28, 2011
CookingInVictoria, do you have the same problem if you click the "add a recipe" link that appears when you put your mouse on the "recipes" link in the top navigation?
cookinginvictoria October 28, 2011
No, that seems to be working fine. When I put the mouse on the recipes link in the top navigation, I am taken directly to the Add a Recipe page.
cookinginvictoria October 28, 2011
Hi Peter, This happened to me yesterday. I was not able to add a recipe from the Recipe page (it just kept repeatedly sending me back to the log-on screen, even though I was already logged in), but I was able to add a recipe from the Contest page. I am on a PC using Windows and Firefox. Thanks!
Peter October 28, 2011
CookingInVictoria, thanks so much. May I ask *what* you were clicking to try and add a recipe? The big orange button on the main recipe page? The "add a recipe" link you see when you mouse over the "recipes" navigation item? Something else, somewhere else? And does it work for you now in the same place it did not work yesterday?
cookinginvictoria October 28, 2011
Peter, it is the reddish orange button on the main Recipe Page in the upper right hand corner that is labeled "Add a Recipe." I just clicked on it and it still takes me to the log in/register screen. It doesn't appear to realize that I am already logged in. When I log in againi it just keeps sending me back to the main Recipe page, not the Add a Recipe screen. Does this help?
cookinginvictoria October 28, 2011
Peter, the exact same thing happens when I click on the round orange "Add a Recipe" button on the Cooks Page. It sends me to the log-on screen and then after I log on, it returns me to the Cooks Page, not to the Add a Recipe page. Sorry to inundate you with all of this!
Peter October 28, 2011
Just checking back -- for those having problems posting recipes, are you still having problems? We've tried to recreate the bug here and are having no luck.

If you ARE still having a problem, may I ask you to let us know what browser you're using? And whether you're on Mac or Windows? Thanks so much and thanks again for your patience.
em-i-lis October 18, 2011
Ok, now I do see the Add a Recipe link, and I see that both my recipes successfully posted. Many thanks!! inpatskitchen commented on one and I don't see that however? Not a big deal but just FYI. And when I'm interacting with the site, load times are often quite lengthy. We have FiOS here so not sure where the bottleneck is??? Thanks so much!!!
Amanda H. October 18, 2011
Thanks for letting us know it worked! As for load times, we're having an underlying speed issue that we're working on. Hoping to have it resolved before the end of this week. Thanks again!
em-i-lis October 18, 2011
Hi Amanda, Peter, inpatskitchen!
I'm using a Dell PC and have no luck at all via Internet Explorer. I tried Firefox earlier and had better luck (entered a muffin recipe successfully but am not sure my Em-i-lis Eats a Rainbow recipe posted). I have been trying to enter new recipes using the big orange button as I haven't seen the "add a recipe" link. And, I stay logged in so yes, I've been trying this logged in as em-i-lis. Also can't seem to edit recipes once submitted. Is there an edit button as there was on the previous site? Many thanks!
inpatskitchen October 18, 2011
Peter: it's on the main page when I hit recipes...and then at the top it says "add a recipe". The big orange button hasn't worked for me at all, and yes, I'm logged in! BTW any time frame yet for receiving notifications of comments, threads I've contributed to etc. coming to my e-mail box???
Peter October 18, 2011
InPatsKitchen, thanks for the details. We'll hopefully have this licked soon. And indeed, you're not the only one who's missing emails of comments on recipes and blog posts. We're working on that too.
Peter October 18, 2011
And may I ask specifically *where* you're clicking 'add a recipe'? Is it the big orange button on the main recipe page? is it the "add a recipe link" that shows up when you point your mouse at "recipes" in the main navigation? And when you start this process are you already logged in or no?
Amanda H. October 18, 2011
em-i-lis, can you let us know if you're on a mac or pc and what browser you're using?
inpatskitchen October 18, 2011
Try going to "Recipes" Right away you'll see a grayish box and at the very top it says "add a recipe" (or something like that) and hit it quickly (and I mean VERY quickly) and it should take you to the recipe format. It might take a few tries but it should work....I'll look for your new recipe!
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