I started brining the chops last night around 7, and I just found out that we won't be having them tonight. Should I continue brining them (for...

...48 hours, then) or take them out after 24 (or before), dry them off and store them in the fridge covered in plastic? Thanks

Jocelyn Grayson


Jocelyn G. October 20, 2011
Thanks to you both. They're about an inch thick, so I think I'll play it safe and take them out tonight.
wssmom October 20, 2011
I agree with Oui, Chef -- take the chops out of the brine tonight, cover them and then proceed. Overbrining can also result in overly mushy chops.
Oui, C. October 20, 2011
That's a great question. The risk in over-brining has to do with the salt and having the meat get too salty in the end. That said, this is not an overly salty brine, so it may be OK going 48 hrs., but to play it safe you should consider either taking it out of the brine tonight, or maybe even splitting the difference and taking it out of the brine in the morning, and drying and wrapping it then. Of course, the thickness of the chop will have a lot to do with how well it takes extra time in the brine. A real thick chop 1 1/2 - 2" would probably be fine at 48 hrs., a thin one not so much. I'd love to hear what you decide and how it all comes out in the end.
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