A question about a recipe: Cider Brined Pork with Calvados, Mustard and Thyme

This sounds delicious and I'd like to make it tonight, but didn't plan ahead to marinate overnight. Is it still worth it if I can only marinate for 8 hours? Is there anything I can do to make the marinade more concentrated?

Ms. T
  • Posted by: Ms. T
  • October 23, 2011


Greenstuff October 24, 2011
Thanks for reporting back, I've been hoping you went ahead. It sounded really good and like a short marinade would be fine. Really, 7 hours isn't so short.
Ms. T. October 24, 2011
Thanks! I did it with about 7 hours of brining and it was delicious :)
Taylorman October 23, 2011
I agree- a brine like this will add flavor and work on thinner cuts of meat- like a pork chop in as little as 2 hours. The chemical process of sugar and salt in a brine work from the outside in- so the longer you allow the meat to brine- the deeper the flavors are able to permeate what you have in your brine. I have discovered it's possible to over brine something- so sometimes less time is better.
ADS October 23, 2011
I've found that brining and marinating for even a short period of time is helpful-
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