A question about a recipe: Cider Brined Pork with Calvados, Mustard and Thyme

This sounds delicious and I'd like to make it tonight, but didn't plan ahead to marinate overnight. Is it still worth it if I can only marinate for 8 hours? Is there anything I can do to make the marinade more concentrated?

Ms. T
  • Posted by: Ms. T
  • October 23, 2011


Oui, C. October 24, 2011
Sorry I didn't answer this sooner, I was away and off-line for the weekend. From a seasoning perspective, adding more salt would probably help with a shorter brine time, though I'd hate to overdo it and ruin a perfectly good piece of meat. Of course, the most important aspect of brining is iota ability to bring seasoning and moisture to the very center of the meat, and I'm afraid only time can guarantee that. Did you end up making the dish, or put it off for another time? I hope you enjoy it!
Ms. T. October 24, 2011
I made it, and it was delicious! I brined for about 7 hours. It was a very thick cut--about 2", but was still moist, delicious and flavorful. Next time I will try overnight and I'll bet it's even better.

I followed your recipe for the marinade, and more or less for the sauce (minus the cream), but made a few modifications based on what I had around and some inspiration from a recent meal in NYC (added roasted figs and topped with kale chips). I think I'll post about it on my blog when I get a chance to write it up and will be sure to let you know and link it back to your recipe here. Thanks for sharing such a delicious recipe!
wssmom October 23, 2011
Eight hours should be more than sufficient time to marinate the pork chops.
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