Okay this might be really stupid but I cannot figure out how to enter my recipe for the current contest. Haven't done this since new layout



Merrill S. October 27, 2011
Sorry, wasn't sure if you had already added a recipe or not. Now that you've found it, the contest dropdown is towards the bottom of the Add a Recipe form. In the future, you can also add a recipe by hovering over the main Recipes nav item (on all pages) and clicking on "Add a Recipe."
LittleKitchen October 27, 2011
Thank you, Lori! Just found it... You do have to go to recipe page and there is an orange button that says add a recipe.
LittleKitchen October 27, 2011
I do not have that "recipe creation/edit" under the contest dropdown. I cannot find the recipe/creation button anywhere. Sorry!
lorigoldsby October 27, 2011
I have been having trouble with this all morning as well! I actually found i had to go to the recipe page. I miss the button "sumit your recipe!" that used to be available.
Merrill S. October 27, 2011
Not stupid at all! You should be able to enter it from the recipe creation/edit page by clicking on the contest dropdown. Let us know if this doesn't work!
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