How does one ask a question about a recipe (vs a comment) so that it shows up with the recipe as a question - not a comment.



AntoniaJames October 29, 2011
Honestly, if I had the time (which alas, I don't!!), I'd create a user guide for the re-imagined site. I've been discovering all kinds of things, some serendipitously, some while on a mission, and others when trying to develop workarounds for problematic functionality / usability issues. ;o)
AntoniaJames October 29, 2011
There is a tab, right above the photo, for "questions." If you ask a question here, and you link out from the recipe to do so (meaning you click on the "ask a question" prompts from any of the places available on the recipe itself), the question you ask here at the hotline will be associated with the recipe. And the cook who submitted the recipe will also be notified, via email, if he or she allows notifications, and is able to receive them. Some cooks have had problems with receiving notifications since the site re-design. There is one site usability issue related to this functionality that needs to be addressed however. If you click on the tab that says "questions" you will see the questions, but not in the hotline format. They look like comments. If you hover your browser over the text of the question, however, you'll see that the font color lightens. You can click on the text of the question itself, to get to the Hotline question and answer. I discovered this by testing the feature for this answer. It's not at all apparent, however, how it works. I'll send a note to Peter, with a suggestion that a few words of instruction be included. Hope this helps!! ;o)
Tarragon October 29, 2011
Thank you, AntoniaJames - can't believe I missed that!
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