A question about a recipe: Fig and Olive Tapenade

Does anyone think it would be a problem to make this a few days early for Thanksgiving? (I know it's a last-minute thrown together sort of thing, but...)

  • Posted by: sabele
  • November 20, 2011
Fig and Olive Tapenade
Recipe question for: Fig and Olive Tapenade


sabele November 20, 2011
That's what I figured. Thanks!
broccolirose November 20, 2011
Totally agree with Kayb- if anything I bet the flavors will develop and blend some more after a few days.
Kayb November 20, 2011
I've made it and kept the leftovers in the fridge for several days. It just needs to come out and come to room temp before it's served. I hope you enjoy it!
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