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I'm seriously considering converting my usual pecan pie (recipe posted here as Mr. T's Pecan Pie) to a 10" tart this year. Do I need to adjust the pie filling recipe in any way? What about cooking time and temperature? Is 10" the right size? (I also have an 8" tart pan, if that would be better.) I don't usually blind bake the crust for my pecan pie because the sticky filling doesn't make the uncooked crust soggy; also, the one time I did blind bake, I thought the crust was overcooked by the time the filling was cooked. Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice you might have. Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)

Mr. T.'s Pecan Pie
Recipe question for: Mr. T.'s Pecan Pie


AntoniaJames November 25, 2011
Just to report back on this: I used the 10" pan, made the crust I use for my rustic pear tart (made a double batch of that, as I also made a rustic apple tart), used fewer pecan pieces and froze the crust, filling directly from frozen. I did not blind bake. It didn't take quite as long to cook as the pie, but worked out really well. With the filling spread out like that, it was almost as if it had turned to candy. Delicious, and very, very beautiful (much prettier than a standard pecan pie). And most important, Mr. T. really liked it. ;o)
drbabs November 21, 2011
AJ, I think you definitely want the 10" rather than an 8" tart pan because most pie plates are deeper than tart pans. You might have leftover filling (not that that's a bad thing). And the cooking time may be reduced--but your instructions say to start checking after 20 minutes so that should be OK. Also, a word to the wise: I made Lazy Mary's Lemon tart in my 2-piece tart pan with a press-in crust and the filling leaked all over my oven. Use a roll-out crust and put a cookie sheet under the pan just to be safe. Happy Thanksgiving!
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