How much time to roast an 18-lb bird if using dry brining (Judy Bird or CI) and the hi/low heat?

The Cook's Illustrated recipe is for only 12-14 lbs, and is 45 minutes at 425 with the breast down, and then only 1.5 hours at 325 flipped over.

If you use the standard 30-minutes-per-lb at 325, that puts an 18 lb bird at 9 hours, which can't be right.

Also, I can't tell from the Judy Bird recipe here whether the total roasting time is 30 minutes at 425 PLUS 2 3/4 hours at 325, or if 2 3/4 includes the 30 minutes at a higher temp. (Also, that recipe is only for up to 16 lbs, closer, but I'm assuming I'll still need to add some time. Question is, how much?)

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1 Comment

Stephanie B. November 23, 2011
You will need to add time to reach 165 degrees. Minutes-per-pound guides can be tricky since there are so many variables. In the Cook's Illustrated recipe for a crowd, they roast for three hours total for a 15-18 pound bird.
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