What would be a good and simple sub for cointreau? I'd love to use it, but can't. Rum? Brandy? Orange zest? How much?

  • Posted by: HCR
  • November 23, 2011


lisabu November 24, 2011
Grand marnier would work well although it's a little sweeter.
HCR November 29, 2011
Yum great idea. Thanks so much for answering.
vvvanessa November 24, 2011
can you get hold of triple sec? that would work in equal measure. antoniajames's idea sounds great, too!
HCR November 29, 2011
I wish I could have! The problem is really that I'm under 21 and had to use what was on hand. Thank-you!!
AntoniaJames November 23, 2011
Brandy + orange zest combination sounds really good!! Maybe let the zest sit in the brandy to infuse for a few minutes first, and perhaps warm it ever so gently to release some of the bright citrus flavor. Have fun! (Lucky you. Sounds so tasty!!) ;o)
HCR November 29, 2011
Thanks! It was amazing I highly recommend it. So simple and beautiful.
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