Food52 x Staub

The Food52 x Staub Rice Cooker

The timeless, indestructible pots you know and love, now all gussied up in our own exclusive color combo: an oh-so-shiny blue finished off with a glinting brass handle. We're so excited about it, we went all the way to Staub's foundry in France to see how these beauties were made! So stay glued to a Food52 near you to see the whole behind-the-scenes tour.

The Food52 x Staub Rice Cooker is our secret to the fluffiest grains around (plus it's seriously cute). The domed, spiked lid collects moisture and lets the condensation drip right back down into your bubbling rice or grains.

Watch the little guy go! Rice never looked this good (or this easy):


The Rest of the Crew

But wait, there's more! Your favorite Staub cocottes—in all shapes and sizes—got the blue and brass treatment, too. Swooooon.

Photo by Linda Xiao

The Essential French Oven

The Essential French Oven really does live up to its name. Made of indestructible enameled cast iron, it goes from stove to oven and back again: We reach for it to braise, sauté, simmer, and roast.

The flirty brass handle is just the frosting on the cake!

where our cast iron stars are born

We took a field trip to France to see how our Staub pots are made (dreams do come true). Check out the first highlights of our journey—we can't wait to share more!

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