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August  7, 2014

Today: Too much of a good thing is never enough, as proved by Cakes by aeckfeld.

Tiger Cake

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Chocolate Bundt Cake Best Way to Soften Butter, Fast

In case you couldn't tell, we've got a bit of an obsession with all things cake. So we were thrilled when we stumbled across this collection by aeckfeld! It has everything from a classic chocolate cake recipe to handy baking shortcuts to the perfect tools to present (and transport) our frosted creations. Excuse us -- cake is calling.

More: We've been in cake overload lately, since we just celebrated Provisions' first birthday!

Layer Slicing Kit CakeBox Pillivuyt Cake Stand

What's your ideal birthday cake? Tell us in the comments!

Photo of butter by Mark Weinberg, all other photos by James Ransom.

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Mary August 8, 2014
Thank you for the marble cake recipe. I was actually inquiring about the cake on the Pillivuyt cake stand. It looks like a type of rustic cake.
Mary August 8, 2014
Do we have the recipe somewhere for the cake on the stand?
aysegul August 8, 2014
Mary here you are:
April V. August 8, 2014
PS I've experimented with french press, espresso and various roasters with the chocolate dump it cake. Omitted the frosting in the recipe and went for the caramel glaze from the apple bundt recipe instead, and then sprinkled hawaiian flaked sea salt on the caramel which I like thick and applied slowly while cooling. Even non cake eaters couldn't resist. It's super moist salty sweet and out of this world.
Catherine L. August 8, 2014
Oh my that is SUCH a good idea!
aysegul August 8, 2014
It seems absolutely delicious!
I'll try it!
April V. August 7, 2014
I love this site and these recipes and tools! Thank you for the feature, what a lovely surprise. Baking is a pure joy that reminds me of and keeps creating good memories to share. To be honest, I'm more of a pastry or pie girl than a cake girl, so these recipes and tools represent a breakthrough for me in finding flavors and recipes that won me over! Enjoy!
Catherine L. August 7, 2014
This collection is everything I want to be.