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7 After-School (or After-Work) Snacks from Alice Medrich

August 25, 2014

Every week, baking expert Alice Medrich is going rogue on Food52 -- with shortcuts, hacks, and game-changing recipes.

Today: We're rounding up our favorite treats from Alice to make going back to school (and work) a little sweeter.

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It's the end of August, and we're starting to make lists. The last lazy days of summer are upon us, and it's time to gear up for fall. Even if we graduated long ago, we're going back-to-school shopping and reorganizing our desks -- we're ready for a fresh start. As excited as we were for an endless, laid-back summer, we're looking forward to fall's routine -- and with it, the return of the after-school snack. Whether you're 9 or 29, a late-afternoon treat is always welcome. And -- thankfully -- we know just who to turn to for inspiration. 

Alice Medrich knows good snacks. Her recipes are foolproof, incredibly tasty, and most often involve chocolate. Here are 7 after-school (or after-work) snacks to look forward to every afternoon.

Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches


Great Graham Crackers


Crazy-Good No-Temper Chocolate-Dipped Cherries


Tiger Cake


DIY Fudgsicles


Cinnamon Toast (and 5 Desserts Made With It)


Chocolate Crostini with Olive Oil and Salt

What's your favorite after-school (or after-work) snack? Tell us in the comments!

Photos by James Ransom

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Choc A. September 2, 2014
I would like to go back to school just to have those Kind of goûter ;-)
Janet G. August 30, 2014
I agree with sugardrops, how about some sugarless snacks? Kids eat too much sugar!
sugardrops August 28, 2014
My husband craves savory snacks after work and i have a sweet tooth. I keep coming up with sweet stuff and love the idea of all of these. But oh it would be fabulous if you could do a post on savory after work snacks! :)