10 Cakes for Anytime

September 22, 2014

It is the opinion of this website that we do not get enough cake in our lives. Cake should not be relegated to wedding parties or birthday festivities or the end to a celebratory meal. Because cake, when given the opportunity, is here to make your life better. 

Did you lose your keys and stub your toe on the way out the door this morning? Cake can fix that. Do you need a peace offering to smooth things over with a friend? Cake is there for you, clearing its throat in the corner. Is it a day that ends in a "y"? You should probably consume some cake. 

There is a time and place for three-tiered, sprinkle-coated beauties that leave you with frosting under your fingernails, but most of the time, you want something a little simpler. You need a recipe that can be mixed together with one hand using (mostly) ingredients from your pantry. You need a cake you can eat a thick slice of for breakfast without getting sugar-fueled heart palpitations. You need an anytime cake. 

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So, without further ado, here are 10 more reasons to eat cake -- any time you please.

Margaret Fox's Amazon Chocolate Cake by Genius Recipes

Amazon Chocolate Cake


Cold Oven Pound Cake by Muffinj

Cold Oven Pound Cake


Spiced Parsnip Cake by hardlikearmour

Spiced Parsnip Cake


Sweet Cream Bundt Cake by BrendaZ

Sweet Cream Bundt Cake


Cardamom Crumb Cake by Dorie Greenspan

Cardamom Crumb Cake


OMG! Coconut Pound Cake by ChefJune

OMG! Coconut Pound Cake


Rustic French Honey Cake by thirschfeld

Rustic French Honey Cake


Maple Oatmeal Princess Coffee Cake by hardlikearmour

Maple Oatmeal Princess Coffee Cake


Vegan Peach Crumble Coffee Cake by Gena Hamshaw

Vegan Peach Crumble Cake


Heavenly Apple Cake by veronica

Heavenly Apple Cake

And now... let us all eat more cake. 

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Angie H. September 22, 2014
Would love to see a post featuring your favorite gluten free cakes!
ChefJune September 22, 2014
Any time is a great time for cake!
Joy B. September 22, 2014
this is such a wonderfully delicious article.