4 Things to Pick Up at the Market This Weekend

November  1, 2014

Here at Food52, we like to talk about what we’re buying at the market: what’s new, what’s exciting, the market's best finds. This is our water cooler talk. And now, we want you to join in. 

4 Things to Pick Up at the Market This Weekend, from Food52

Part of this weekend will certainly be spent recovering from Halloween, but whether you're recuperating from a sugar hangover or one caused by a few too many glasses of punch, you'll definitely be hungry for something that doesn't involve chocolate.  

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This week will be perfect for some serious vegetable therapy, so head over to the farmers market and get shopping. Here’s what the Food52 editors can’t wait to pick up -- and why you should be adding it to your bag, too.

4 Things to Pick Up at the Market This Weekend, from Food52

Grab a large head of escarole to make a restaurant-worthy starter course: Sear it to highlight escarole's lightly bitter flavor and balance it out with a topping of honey, feta, and walnuts. On second thought, you'd better get two heads, so you can also try escarole braised with white beans (don't forget a heathy finishing squeeze of lemon juice) or wilted as a tasty bed for roasted halibut. 

Sweet Potatoes
A house full of the smell of roasting sweet potatoes is a happy place to be. It's hard to choose what recipes we like the best (they're all pretty darn good) but these roasted sweet potatoes with apples and pearl onions are particularly satisfying this time of year.   

It might seem obvious, but sometimes we forget how unbelievably versatile this vegetable truly is. So this week we featured a whole article to remind ourselves of how many ways there are to love potatoes -- but we'll admit that we still play favorites. Kristen's partial to Wonder Fries, and Marian won't rest until everyone she meets has made Scalloped Potatoes with Caramelized Onions.

We know, we know, more kale. But bear with us -- you're sure to find it at the market, and it's so easy to turn into a meal. This Kale and Quinoa Pilaf is nutritious, filling, and only involves one potAdditionally, the recipe can be changed according to what ingredients you have on hand. No pine nuts? Try toasted almonds instead. No goat cheese? Grated Parmesan works well too.  

What are you picking up at your farmers market? Tell us in the comments!  

Photos of roasted sweet potatoes with apples and escarole by James Ransom, Photo of potatoes by Mark Weinberg

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Fran M. November 1, 2014
Love the escarole with beans & garlic. Can't wait to taste it with the Feta, honey & walnuts.