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November 30, 2014

To thank our members for their dedication to helping out their fellow cooks, every month we’ll choose a Food52er whose activity on the Hotline has caught our eye, and treat him or her to a $25 gift certificate to Provisions

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We’re excited to announce that November’s Hotline MVP is trampledbygeese!

Trampledbygeese could win a prize for asking some of the most interesting questions on the Hotline (See: how to use goose innards, how to remove the bristles from a pig's head when making head cheese, and what is high-extraction einkorn flour), but today we're honoring her for helping to solve her fellow Food52ers cooking conundrums. Read any of her in-depth thoughtful answers and, like us, you're sure to learn something new. We've never felt more confident at the idea of making miso or cooking a goose on a spit, and she also helps trouble-shoot everything from pizza making to sticky cast iron pans.

And in case you were wondering about her profile image: trampledbygeese is a Whole Wheat Pastafarian. Ramen to that.

Congratulations to trampledbygeese, and thanks to everyone who participates over on the Hotline -- the community wouldn’t be the same without you.

Want to boost your kitchen karma? We’re looking for enthusiastic participation throughout the month that is helpful, thoughtful, and considerate. 

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drbabs December 1, 2014
Cool! Congratulations!
mrslarkin November 30, 2014
Hooray trampledbygeese! Thank you for your help! Also, your blog is FUN! I stumbled across the Medieval Goose story and read to the end. Looking forward to learning more.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 30, 2014
Congrats - your posts on the hotline are incredibly interesting and fun to read. How are you going to redeem your $25 gift certificate if you live outside of the US though?
trampledbygeese November 30, 2014
Thank you kindly. As for the gift certificate, it's a secret. Don't worry, we Canadians have our ways for dealing with that troublesome 49th.
Greenstuff November 30, 2014
The bristles from a pig's head is a Hotline classic. I click every time I see trampledbygeese's name. Kudos!
trampledbygeese November 30, 2014
Thank you Greenstuff. That was an interesting adventure. It reminds me, I still have the jowls in the freezer... and angry goat's leg. Temperature here is finally cold enough, time to do some curing.
aargersi November 30, 2014
yay you! Representing for pastafarians everywhere!!!
trampledbygeese November 30, 2014
Thank you everyone. This is a real honour. It's always great fun learning from you all at The Hotline.
Susan W. November 30, 2014
Congrats Trampled. I always look forward to your posts and questions.
Pegeen November 30, 2014
Hear hear! Congratulations, trampledbygeese! All of the above, plus you have one of the best usernames around. :-)