5 Last-Minute Desserts from Alice Medrich

December 15, 2014

Throughout the holiday season, you're bound to have a few Home Alone "Kevin!" moments—and while you may not have forgotten your child in the airport, it's possible that you neglected to prepare a dessert for the guests arriving in a couple short hours.

No need to panic. Alice Medrich is the queen of show-stopping, simple desserts. You'll pull these recipes together well before any early birds show up at your door—you'll even have time to have a drink first.

Lemon Curd in a simple Brown Butter Tart Crust


Ice Cream + Honey Balsamic Sauce


Pumpkin Pudding (a.k.a No-Pie Pumpkin Pie)


Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches


Chilled Oranges in Rum-Caramel Syrup


What's your go-to last-minute dessert? Tell us in the comments!

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kamileon December 19, 2014
These are great, assuming that you are on the ball enough to have gone shopping before dinner. However, I for one don't keep condensed milk and pumpkin puree on hand at all times. (I'm also not good at keeping ice cream in the house, although maybe I should be.) What I _can_ be guaranteed to have at all times, in large amounts, is chocolate. The chocolate sandwiches are a good idea, but my go-to recipe, which consistently knocks their socks off and requires zero effort or planning, is Hervé This's one ingredient chocolate mousse recipe.<br /><br />