The Best Instagrams of 2014

December 24, 2014

It’s been an exciting year for Food52 on Instagram. #F52Grams has officially been used over 200,000 times (and counting!), which means we’ve seen a lot of your beautiful and delicious photos every day. 

Like last year, this list comes with a disclaimer: Do not keep reading if you do not have food immediately nearby. These photos may induce intense frosting cravings, warm-weather produce envy, and a very strong desire to color-code your meals. 

Take a look at the most-loved ‘grams of 2014 -- we’re showing off our most popular posts as well as some staff favorites. And prepare yourself to do it all again in 2015. We promise: There will always be more room for pie.

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Two ways to beat the January blues: Cheery citrus from @localhaven and bundled up eggs from @brycelongton.



We all have different ways of getting through February: Chocolate cake for some (like @stayhungree) and cocktails for others, à la @fortheloveofthesouth.



Early spring calls for warm soup and hearty seafood. We adored @tworedbowls' ramen and @martinapavlikova's perfect gravalax brunch.



Yes, there were showers, but more importantly, we saw a farmers market haul from @wrightkitchen and @twoofakindcooks's Easter lemon cake. 



Like @kraut_kopf, many of you shared your gorgeous Mother's Day foods. Meanwhile, at Food52 HQ, @ryanhamilton captured our Sconehenge art project -- made with Ovenly scones! #priorities



In honor of summer, we asked for your most colorful pictures -- @wrightkitchen brought the carrots and @thefauxmartha supplied donuts.



What says July better than @emcdowell's flag cake (photo by @markweinbergnyc)  and @theroamingkitchen's cherries?



How do you spend a lazy August afternoon? Make scallion pancake challah like @hannahrobie or go the route of @catandlamb and bake an entire wedding cake (okay, this one may take more than a day!).



Our inner children came out in September, which is why @mollyyeh's funfetti cake and @estephienordstrom's circle-centric breakfast made such splashes.



Is October National Sweets Month? Between baking @emcdowell's fancy pie (photo by yours truly) and eating Halloween candy (like @littlemarandapiggy), it should be.



We had Thanksgiving on our minds all month (ours was shot by @jamesransom_nyc) but the second it was over, we channeled @elleventyx and dove straight into Cookie Week.



Like @breannasrecipebox and @mollyyeh, we were (and still are) all about that gingerbread.

Want to get in on the fun? Keep an eye out for our next #F52Grams theme every Friday -- and be sure to follow us on Instagram, too.

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amber W. December 24, 2014
Lovely ladies! Just a heads up, I think yall put the wrong user on the cocktail photo for February. Merry Christmas!
Rachel C. December 24, 2014
Thank you for catching -- just gave you proper credit :)