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12 Drinks for Getting Toasty and a Little Tipsy

January 12, 2015

So you want to make a warm, boozy drink? Here's how: Start with tea, coffee, cocoa, or cider or -- go ahead -- skip a non-alcoholic flavoring altogether and keep the focus on a base liquor. Spice it or mull it, as you wish. And that's that.

Here are 12 drinks that'll keep you warmer -- and happier -- than another layer of socks:

Irish Hot Chocolate by Marian Bull

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Brown Butter Spiced Ale by sdebrango


How to Make a Hot Toddy Without a Recipe by Marian Bull


Bumble Brown Punch by Dessert's On Me


Glögg (Mulled Wine Punch) by Erik Lombardo


Honey-Pomegranate Mulled Wine by Dinner was Delicious


Hot Spiced Drunken Apple Cider by Cordelia


Franklin Stove, a.k.a. Boozy Mulled Cider by Erik Lombardo


Hot Toddy with Dried Cherries and Lime by Amanda Hesser


Dirty Chai Toddy with gingerroot


Mulled White Wine with Pear Brandy by Merrill Stubbs


Delicately Fragrant Mulled Cider by ody

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Rebecca @. January 12, 2015
I wish I had seen this list a couple months ago! A lot of the recipes I found were too sweet or just ..odd. I ended up make a Spiced and Spiked Hot Apple Cider with some fresh unfiltered apple juice. I think we've remade it 4 times already! I'll have to save this list for the next cold spell.