The 2015 Tournament of Cookbooks -- Day 5

February 24, 2015

Welcome to The Piglet! Catch up on the full list of books and judges, score your own copies in the shop, and print out a bracket to follow along. Round 1 of The Piglet is brought to you by our friends at Squarespace

Today: We're on day 5 of Round 1! Head here for a refresher course on our cookbook tournament, and then read on for the decision. Be sure to comment there for a chance to get a copy of the winning book! 

We're on our second week of The Piglet! If you just hopped into the fray, make sure to read our recap of week 1. Today it's a battle between breakfast and lunch: Huckleberry and Lunch at the Shop face off, and A.J. Jacobs calls the shots. 

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Read the verdict here, and let us know what you think in the comments section. One lucky commenter will have a chance to win a copy of the winning book.

Cook the books: While one of today's Piglet contenders is a baking book and the other is all about savory lunch, they do find common ground: in the sandwich. Sure, the Fresh Blueberry Brioche from Huckleberry would be splendid for breakfast or dessert, but author Zoe Nathan also suggests using it as the bread for a Monte Cristo sandwich. The Roasted Tenderloin Sandwich, Extra-Fancy, in Lunch at the Shop is equally, well, fancy.


Photos by Mark Weinberg

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The Piglet—inspired by The Morning News' Tournament of Books—is where the 16 most notable cookbooks of the year face off in a NCAA-style bracketed tournament. Watch the action and weigh in on the results!


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