10 Fruits & Vegetables That Are Cuter Than Your Kids

June  5, 2015

Some people dress up babies, some people dress up dogs, and some people dress salads. At Food52, we prefer to skip the infants and the chihuahuas and head straight for spring's most adorable fruits and vegetables.

And so we headed to the Union Square Greenmarket to scour for the potatoes, radishes, and strawberries that would look most beauitful when cradled in the palms of our hands. What we found is almost as cute as these "21 Dogs Who Really, Really Want to Play." 

These precious babies have so much potential (and you don't even have to pay for childcare or dog-walking):

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Welcome to the world, new potatoes:


What a cute tail you have, radish!


Some peas wear dapper hats...


...while others still have their umbilical cords:


Baby and momma asparagi:


Enough lettuce for one young rabbit to eat heartily:



We thought we found the cutest strawberry (compare it to the mutant for context)...


...but then we ran into Kristy Mucci whose microscopic strawberries raised the bar: 


These mushrooms deserve to be animated and put into a cartoon: 



We think of carrots as fall fare, but they make us coo in the spring, too:


Baby garlic and baby onions will keep away the baby vampires and baby romancers, respectively:



Hey, there, little ones! Will you grow up to be Jennie Cook's Zucchini Butter?



Inedible plants can be cute, too (but not as cute):


What plants do you want to swaddle? Share with us in the comments below! 

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  • Shirley Neubauer
    Shirley Neubauer
  • Panfusine
I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


Shirley N. June 7, 2015
Lol. I don't think their mutant. In the 40's my mother raised picked and sold this size by the pint, quart znf crate. Later she lamented she wished she had had those big ones so she wouldn't have had to pick so many! BTW they always tasted LIKE strawberries!
Panfusine June 5, 2015
picked this cute mutant strawberry yesterday at Terhune Orchards in Princeton.