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Hold Onto Your Memories: Campbell's Chicken Noodle is Changing

November 10, 2015

Most of us could pick out Campbell's chicken noodle soup in a taste lineup of other canned (and homemade) varieties. But today that could all change: Its ingredient list is trimming from 30 to 20.

Your beloved canned soup will no longer have some ingredients Ma didn't put in her chicken noodle, either: monosodium glutamate (MSG), maltodextrin, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, lactic acid, or potassium chloride. This is good! (It will also no longer have celery or onions—they'll have to redo their commercial).

But if you're struggling with this adjustment (no onions?! no celery!?), or worried Campbell's won't have the exact same flavor you grew up on, know that change can be okay—even good, even when it comes to chicken soup.

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Here are some chicken noodle soup recipes that you might not like better than Campbell's (nostalgia's a hard thing to crack), but they're really good—and, we're just saying, have fewer than 20 ingredients.

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