Leafy Green

A Haiku or Two, on Winter Greens

January  2, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats.

Photo by Eric Moran

you pull one over
on us; by the time we
notice it will be spring.

inside the makeshift
farmers market greenhouse, plants so
green—like fireworks.

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Charlotte R. January 3, 2016
broccoli plant flowers and asks<br />to be put to bed<br />atop the brown rice
Shannon S. January 2, 2016
My heirloom kale seeds<br />I have scattered far and wide<br />They come back to me
catalinalacruz January 2, 2016
Poached eggs, kale and cheese<br />A winter's dinner make for <br />dining alone. Bliss.<br />
moe B. January 2, 2016
lush leaves layer green,<br />crisp as the frosted winds out;<br />softening at touch.