13 Ways to Brighten Your Winter with Persimmon

January 29, 2016

Unless you live in a place that's largely sunny and temperate year-round, late winter (January, February, the beginning of March) is pretty much the season of brown—the season of potatoes and braised things, of turning to the things you froze or canned when berries were still in season.

There are two exceptions to this: the oft-sung citrus fruit and the lesser-sung persimmon. The latter is a cult classic, the Rocky Horror of winter fruits. Those who love them really love them; those who don't probably haven't gone to the midnight showing had a good persimmon yet.

Persimmons are in season through February—which means you've got one month to make these:

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Carly G. January 31, 2016
Where are you that persimmons are available through February? In the SF Bay Area, I cant find (non-internationally imported) ones after mid-December.