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Your Monday Lunch Break Reading List

February  8, 2016

Life moves pretty fast, as Ferris Bueller says. Here's a selection of our favorite stories from the site this week.



  • We rounded up some Valentine meal ideas that made movie magic.
  • And found the perfect cookie for all of your edible Valentine needs.


  • We started the week on a sweet note, and told you how to use up those last bits of honey.
  • And gave you some information on sponge cakes.
  • Don’t worry, we thought about vegetables too. We also celebrated brassicas, because they deserve it.
  • But most of all, we encouraged you to wing it.


  • The announcement was made—THE PIGLET IS HERE, GUYS!
  • Then another great announcement was made: Punxsutawney Phil forecasted that spring will, er, spring before we know it.
  • Plus, Sarah J. revealed the secrets behind DIY bagel chips.
  • And Caroline finally got all the gunk off of her enamel pan.


  • Amanda and Merrill made the biggest announcement of all—they’re writing a book! It’s not hitting shelves until October, but you can pre-order yours right now.
  • Almost equally exciting, there’s a genius way to make vodka sauce you should probably know about.
  • Amanda S. gave a first look at the colors you’ll soon be craving.
  • And we learned about a pastry that pays tribute to an Italian saint and curiously enough, a certain body part.


  • We started to plan for Valentine’s Day, and thought it would be time to be real about chocolate cake. So we brought you one that will win every time (cross our hearts).
  • For more chocolate inspiration, Mario Batali offered a brownie recipe and told us not to do anything stupid.
  • The whole team got pretty sentimental and reminisced about gifts of Valentine’s Days gone by.
  • And in case you won’t be with the ones you love on Feb 14, we told you about some mail-friendly treats sure to deliver love across the miles.


  • Erin showed us how to make conversation hearts and we felt like kids again!
  • We learned how to make [red velvet cake] without all the food coloring.
  • And I told you about some great meals you should make yourself if you don't give two figs that it's Valentine's Day.
  • Last but not least: Head's up, guacamole lovers; there's a new dip in town.

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Sarah E Daniels

Written by: Sarah E Daniels

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