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February 20, 2016

We've scoured the web for our favorite food blog posts, and now we're bringing them right to your desktop. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

Today: Lentils get the spotlight in these easy-to-prepare recipes that celebrate the versatile legume we love so much.

  • Is hummus its own food group in your house too? This recipe reimagines lentils as the main ingredient for a killer take. (Dolly and Oatmeal)
  • Great on toast, on its own, or amid a bed of greens, this lentil mixture will help you embrace the joys of all things lunch. (101 Cookbooks)
Photo by Renee Kemps
Photo by Happy Yolks
  • Lentils and roasted vegetables come together in this simple, but hearty salad (it's a post very worth reading, too!). (Renee Kemps)
  • And a winning combination of lentils and Brussels sprouts is amplified by the addition of bacon and hazelnuts in this seasonal recipe. (Happy Yolks)
  • Lentils and curry team up in this recipe for a meat-free main dish (Cook Republic)
  • This recipe for vegetarian "shepard's pie" makes a great vegetarian alternative to its meaty namesake—and is a smart way to use up the vegetables you have on hand. (What's Cooking Good Looking)
  • This recipe is a surprisingly quick way to make a savory lentil soup on any given weeknight. (Tending the Table)
  • And braised lentils, mushrooms, and kale are topped with a fried egg in this recipe also suited for a weeknight meal. (Not Without Salt)

How have you been incorporating lentils into your life lately? Let us know in the comments!

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