14 Recipes that Celebrate the Humble Spud

March 18, 2016

If the potato were a secret agent or worldwide criminal on the lam, it would never be caught: It has a passport from any country, slips on any disguise so convincingly you always think it's the best version of itself. The potato is as close to any shape-shifter as I know, showing up gracefully as potato chips, roasted potatoes, potato soup, and ribbony hash browns.

Let it be all of the above in these 14 recipes—all of them featuring the humble spud:

Sing the praises of the potato—go on, sing 'em—in the comments.

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ChefJune March 19, 2016
You forgot this one: Maybe the best thing that ever happened to potatoes!
HalfPint March 18, 2016
My favorite quick potato snack is Nigella's Blood & Guts Potatoes.
magpiebaker March 18, 2016
Cook's Illustrated's Potato Galette is one of my favorite ways to cook potatoes - would highly recommend to anyone who loves the flavor of rosemary and butter and needs an impressive potato side dish.