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May  9, 2016

We take notice when you go looking for something in our Shop. It's the best kind of feedback! A quick glance at April's top 100 search terms told us what you loved and wanted more of (wreaths! aprons!), what you spotted on our social media handles or in one of our emails (spoon rests! olive oil!), and what you didn't care about so much (everything that didn't make the list).

In case you didn’t find what you were looking for—and even if you did—here are the top 6 Shop search terms for the past month. (Just like Christmas, except eight months early!)

1. Wreath

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Our wreaths, which are assembled and shipped with local flora from Creekside Farms in California, aren't just for holiday: Think clusters of herbs, peonies, or refreshing citrus—all of which keeps on looking good once dry.

The more flowers the merrier, right? Here's some inspiration for arranging them at home:

2. Apron

Photo by Bobbi Lin

With some fifteen options—from classic linen cuts with cross-back ties to a lightly rugged waxed canvas iteration—we've got a cover-up to suit your kitchen style.

And since you'll be so well protected, here's a little mess inspiration:

3. Staub

Photo by Bobbi Lin

The primo cookware for slow, steady cooking, Staub's French-made enameled cast iron is ready to earn its keep in your kitchen (and your kids' kitchens, and their kids' kitchens, and so on).

Recipe ideas for some of our favorite Staub pieces, plus a trick for keeping them spotless:

4. Cake Stand

Photo by James Ransom

Beyond being the best-ever pedestals for your confections, we also love cake stands for propping up flowers in centerpieces and showing off trinkets in a bookshelf.

Hold it right there—did someone say cake?

5. Coffee

Photo by James Ransom

We don't like waiting in line to get a great cup of coffee either—which is why we stock the best gear for brewing, whether you prefer pour-over or press.

And for while you wait on those grounds to bloom, we've got coffee trends (and tips).

6. Copper

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Warm, shiny, and just as smart when slightly worn, copper is as stand-up for cooking as it is for setting out and showing it off.

It's also pretty fun to craft with (and easy to clean!).

What else are you always looking for in our Shop? Let me know in the comments.

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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