17 Sides for Cookouts, Barbecues, and Any Sort of Picnic

May 18, 2016

The best part about Thanksgiving isn't the turkey, but the sides. Why bring up Thanksgiving in May? Because the same is true for summer cookouts: It's not the burgers and hotdogs or wings or whatever else that we get excited about—it's the slaw, cool and creamy; the vinegary potato salad; the pickles; the cookies that, thank goodness, your aunt reliably makes for this very occasion every single year.

You can only do so much with a burger or a wing (or, for that matter, a turkey). The sides are your license to go wild. Go!

The snacky things

Reasons to double up on paper plates

The sweet stuff

It's not a cookout without ________. Fill in the blank in the comments below!

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    Debbie Neville
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    The Domestic Dietitian
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Debbie N. July 4, 2016
You have my answer . Some ting grillin' and somethin chillin'!!!!!!
The D. May 19, 2016
It's not a cookout without....that charcoal smell of the bbq! And margaritas