Salad Pizza Is Arguably Better than Salad and Pizza

June 28, 2016

Salad plus pizza, or salad on pizza? Do both! We partnered with California Pizza Kitchen to "Balance Your Plate" and share a few seasonal side ideas for the next time you serve up some pies.

You could eat pizza and salad next to each another, one at a time. Or, you could do it right and put salad on top of pizza. Let's call it salad pizza.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Salad pizza, as its name suggests, is great topped with leafy greens, but it can do more. Allowing pizza to be a vehicle for everything from Parmesan-coated lettuce to marinated vegetables makes it more versatile, customizable, and crowd-pleasing. It's one of those "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" deals.

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Here's how to make salad pizza (it's not hard): Assemble your side salads, get your pies, and top away. It's as simple as that. Try it with one (or all) of these summery topping ideas. And don't forget affogato for dessert—a pair like salad pizza deserves a duo like espresso and ice cream.

And if you want some more pizza-topping ideas, here are a few suggestions:

What would you top salad-pizza with? Tell us in the comments below!

Balance Your Plate is all about showing you how to create delicious, wholesome meals—ones that complement frozen prepared foods and pizzas with fresh ingredients. For more tips on how to Balance Your Plate, check out nestleusa.com/nutrition/balance.

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Haf July 4, 2016

Totally doing this for my next chilled dinner party!