5 Care Packages to Send a Dad You Love

June 15, 2016

Socks, my father always says when I ask him if there's anything he has his heart set on for Father's Day. Get me socks.


The thing is, he's being completely serious, and I get it—you really, really can never have too many. Beyond socks, my dad—and, I'm willing to bet, yours too—will tell you that what he really wants is to hang out with you. But if you can't be there to celebrate on Sunday and you're looking to treat your dad (or grandfather, or uncle, or important fella) to something other than socks, here are a few ideas to tuck into care packages and put in the mail:

Put together a package for...

dad wuz here

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A slooooow Saturday morning

Does your dad wake up at 5:30 and begin to pace the house, putter around, do yard work like mine? Send a kit for a lazier, more relaxed start. (I am sending my dad one of these guys.)

  • A couple of nice mugs
  • A bag of beans
  • A coffee cold brewer so his joe is ready to go
  • Fancy-pants option: A coffee setup upgrade—maybe a spiffy pour over?

A barbecue

Some dads are indeed outdoorsy, grill-mastery types. This care package is everything but the kebabs.

  • A stack of your favorite grilling recipes (here are a few of ours)
  • Grilling planks
  • A spunky marinade or rub (bonus points for homemade!)
  • Fancy-pants option: A cooler—for parks, camping, or backyard hangs

First-time dads

It's a whirlwind of a time! Treats and downtime are in order, no? Here's what we have in mind.

  • A bouquet... of salami. Duh.
  • A silver placeholder for holding his spot after reading time is over
  • A luxurious, no-prep snack: Spanish seafood to crack open and eat with his fingers
  • Fancy-pants option: A beaut of a wooden toolbox

Tackling kitchen projects

For dads who bought you robot-building kits, lovingly nurtured sourdough starters for years, baked pies, and took you on lengthy adventures, a bundle of treats for spending hours noodling in the kitchen.

  • A specialty tool (like a brotform, lame, or sous vide)
  • A similarly-minded cookbook
  • A journal for making lists, writing recipes, and taking notes (jot him a ditty inside!)
  • Fancy-pants option: A knife sharpening set to keep his favorite blades in tip-top shape

A toast!

What's Father's Day about if not raising a glass to dads? Even if you can't be there to toast in person on Sunday, some of the below will still surely be on the bar cart (and in your father's nightcap routine) the next time you visit.

Care packages: What makes a good one? Tell us in the comments.

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Olivia B. June 16, 2016
My dad ALSO always asks for socks! Is that a Dad thing? It must be.