11 of Our Most Oft-Found Fridge-Door Dregs & Ideas for Using Them Up

June 20, 2016

The topography of one's refrigerator door—the things that linger and linger and linger—is a fun sociocultural study, yes. But it's less fun when you're the one who's opening the fridge door to the same row of half-empty (or half-full, depending on your outlook) jars every day.

We all have our serial loiterers: For you, maybe it's tomato paste or sweetened condensed milk; for others, it's peanut butter or ketchup. In many cases, it's not like they're going bad any time soon—it's just that it's satisfying to finish a jar you've been making eyes at for a month.

Here are a few of our most oft-found fridge-door dregs—and many, many ideas for how to use them up:

What are your most common, hardest-to-get-rid-of fridge dregs? Tell us in the comments—we might give you some ideas for how to use it!

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Nancy June 21, 2016
Antonia, thanks for the shout-out on the cranberries and beets.
Here's another thread on fridge door livening up (winter, but could be any) meals with 33 contributors and some unexpected answers.
AntoniaJames June 20, 2016
Not sure if anyone on the staff has done an article on uses for leftover jams and pickled fruits, but two interesting Hotilne threads come to mind:


https://food52.com/hotline/31497-how-to-use-pickled-cranberries (scroll down to my, halfpint's and Nancy's responses) ;o)