15 Reasons Fruit and Herbs Are Meant for Each Other

June 27, 2016

In celebration of their new organic Tea House Collection, we partnered with Pure Leaf Iced Tea to share a few of our favorite summery recipes that use both fruit and herbs.

Seasonal fruit, unadorned, is fantastic. However, this doesn't mean fruit-plus-something else isn't equally as good, too. And by something else, we mean herbs.

Sage, basil, thyme, mint, cilantro: These make fruit pop. They add herbaceous oomph—the kind of flavor that makes you think, "Wait, what is that?" From savory plum tarts to apple-bacon sandwiches to roasted strawberry milkshakes, here are 15 recipes that prove fruit and herbs are perfect together.

What are your favorite fruit and herb combinations? Tell us in the comments below?

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Pure Leaf Tea House Collection is a trio of organic iced teas that each sport a fruit or herb companion, like organic Black Tea with a hint of Wild Blackberry and Sage. See all three flavors here.

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