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How to Turn a Cheesy, Tomatoey Dip into 9 Meals

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Olives, tomatoes, feta, and garlic aren't shy with flavor, so when they all come together in a cheesy, salty, melty dip, they're sure to bring comfort to a whole week of lunches and dinners. That the dish comes together in 20 minutes is pretty convenient, too.

Here's how to repurpose one dip for a week of good meals.

Baked Olive, Tomato, and Feta Dip
Baked Olive, Tomato, and Feta Dip

Over the weekend, make a double batch...

Baked Olive, Tomato, and Feta Dip

Baked Olive, Tomato, and Feta Dip

Kendra Vaculin Kendra Vaculin
Makes 1 block of feta
  • 1/4 cup tomato sauce, homemade or store-bought (a teeny amount! so the cheese doesn’t stick to the bottom! a perfect use for leftovers or the dregs of the jar)
  • 8 ounces block of feta cheese, drained
  • 1/2 cup pitted and chopped Kalamata olives
  • 1 1/3 cups halved cherry tomatoes
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
  • a few turns fresh ground pepper
  • toast, crackers, pita, and/or a spoon for eating
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...and pick up these other ingredients, too:

  • Cucumbers
  • Basil or mint
  • A grain like farro or quinoa
  • Cured meat of your choice
  • Bread for grilled cheese and sandwiches
  • Phyllo dough
  • Spinach
  • Provolone (or another type of melting cheese)
  • Pizza dough
  • Pita
  • Eggs
  • Meat of your choice for kebabs
  • Hummus
  • Additional tomato sauce
  • Shrimp
Greek Salad with Fennel

Greek Salad with Fennel by Merrill Stubbs

Waiting for Bonaparte Muffaletta (The Remix Edition)

Waiting for Bonaparte Muffaletta (The Remix Edition) by pierino

Then over the week, turn this dip into meals:

  • Greek Salad: This one is an easy one—let the feta dip cool down (or use it straight from the fridge), then mix it with fresh cucumbers, basil or mint, and maybe a grain. Lunch!

  • Kinda, Sorta Muffaletta: Instead of pickles and cheese, layer some of this feta onto your bottom bread, add some cured meat, and warm in the oven if you like.

  • Phyllo Pockets: Make a makeshift tyropita with the feta dip and store-bought phyllo dough.

  • Greek Grilled Cheese: Inspired by this sandwich, pile the dip, spinach leaves, and some provolone between two slices of bread and griddle.

  • Calzone: Form pizza dough into smaller circles than you would for pizza and spoon some of the feta-tomato mixture onto half (like you would a quesadilla), leaving a 1/2-inch around the edge. Moisten the edge of the circle, fold the empty side over the filled side, and crimp the edges with a fork. Baked in a very hot oven for about 15 minutes.

Greek Style Cheese Pies (Tyropita)

Greek Style Cheese Pies (Tyropita) by Alexandra V. Jones

Spanakopita Grilled Cheese

Spanakopita Grilled Cheese by Alexandra V. Jones

  • Pita Pocket: Pita + feta dip + fried egg. Any raw vegetables you have on hand, too.

  • Kebab Dinner: Grill up any sort of kebab you like and have some bread on hand, along with the dip, some sautéed spinach, and maybe hummus, too.

  • Shortcut Shakshuka: Fold the feta dip into a pot with tomato sauce, let it simmer, then plop eggs in and bake.

  • Saucy Shrimp: Make Greek-style shrimp with tomato sauce and top with feta dip.

Greek Style Shrimp in Tomato Sauce with Feta

Greek Style Shrimp in Tomato Sauce with Feta by thirschfeld

Eggs in Spicy Minted Tomato Sauce

Eggs in Spicy Minted Tomato Sauce by ieatthepeach

Automagic Spring Menu Maker!
Automagic Spring Menu Maker!

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