A Full-Throttle Steak Salad & 8 Ways It’ll Save Dinnertime

August 29, 2016

The great news about this Bloody Mary Steak Salad—oh, and this one, too—is that it gets better with age: The steak gets its marinade after it's cooked, so as it sits, its soaks up more and more flavor.

Here, that marinade is by no means shy: horseradish, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, two kinds of vinegar, olive brine—it's starting to sound like a Bloody Mary, huh? But while your cocktail can't be dinner every night, this salad can be.

Make two batches of Bloody Mary Steak Salad over the weekend...

...then put it to use for a week of meals. See how here:

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Kale salad that means business: The sharpness of the steak marinade makes it the ideal dressing for kale. In the morning, mix kale pieces into a portion of the steak salad, making sure to coat the leaves with the marinade. By lunchtime, the kale will have tamed nicely into a salad.

Blue cheese potato chips: Remember this recipe? Follow along, but add the steak salad on top in addition to the blue cheese. It’s like potato chip nachos.

Slaw: As the salad softens over the week, you’ll welcome some crunch. Finely shred green cabbage and mix it with the steak salad, using the marinade as a dressing.

Watercress salad: This salad is full of peppery punch—and it welcomes more! So toss it with some watercress, taking inspiration from this recipe.

Steak and eggs: Warm the salad and add eggs, any style. Killer steak and eggs.

Steak sandwich: Crusty sourdough, a slather of blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and slices of steak retrieved from the salad.

Grain bowl: Chop up the steak a bit, warm it, and spoon it over your grain of choice.

Baked potato: Chop the steak salad into bite-size pieces. Bake up some potatoes and mash sour cream on the insides. Instead of bacon, nestle in the steak salad.

Tell us: How does steak save the day in your house?

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