A Smarty-Pants Trick for Using Up the Last of Your Soup

October 12, 2016

On Sunday, you pat yourself on the back for making a big batch of soup to eat all week. Go you! On Wednesday, you facepalm: You've barely made a dent in the vat, even though you've been eating it for lunch and dinner.

When there's only so much more soup you can take before you fear you yourself will turn to soup, take a tip from Sarah Britton of My New Roots (yes, the same Sarah Britton behind Life-Changing Loaf of Bread and Sunflower Seed Risotto), and turn lemons into lemonade and soup into sauce. All you need is a blender (or a food processor, even!) and a bit of creativity.

Sarah blended leftover squash and red lentil soup, seasoned it to taste (if it's rather simple soup to start with, here's your chance to readjust the flavors), then served it over a grain bowl with roasted vegetables.

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While this tip works best for chunky soups that will blend into a thick mixture, you could always take a thin soup (or a thick soup that won't be quite thick enough to call—or function as—sauce) and blend it with a thickening agent: chunks of cooked potato or sweet potato, cornstarch, a flour roux. And if it's still not quite saucy enough, cook it down until it's thick (and add a splash of cream or a nub of cream cheese while you're at).

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“Usually I just heat some leftover chicken soup in a big pot and dump a bunch of past in there The past usually soaks up the soup and the starch will thicken it up also, along with a big pile of Parmesan”

Suddenly, soup is a sauce for warm vegetable salads, for roast chicken, for pan-seared fish... (And, if you want to move in the other direction, there are many meals that can be turned into soup—and, at the end of their lives, sauces—too!)

Ready to try? Here are some soups we think could live fulfilling lives as sauces:

What's your favorite way to repurpose soup you're getting sick of? Tell us in the comments!

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I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


Paula October 17, 2016
I love soup. Most recipes make about 5 cottage cheese size containers. Love having variety, so I usually have 4 or 5 different recipes in the freezer at any one time. Anything from Hot and Sour to Butternut squash and lentil with curry. Yum!
Sarah B. October 13, 2016
So groovy, you guys! At first I thought that we BOTH had the same great idea on the same day...but then I clicked through to the article :D Thank you for the shout-out - it means a lot!
xo, Sarah B
amysarah October 12, 2016
I usually just freeze it. Most soups freeze well and today's boring 'soup-again' is next week's gift that keeps on giving lurking in the freezer. Since I often make soups to use up leftover bits of vegetables, etc. in the first place, it's gift squared.
inpatskitchen October 12, 2016
I turn Red Lentil Pasta Sauce into marinara, soup or gazpacho:
PHIL October 12, 2016
you think I would have spelled pasta right at least once.
Rhonda35 October 13, 2016
Sarah J. October 13, 2016
It's all in the past(a). [Sorry that was terrible but I couldn't resist!]
PHIL October 12, 2016
I like the idea of thickening it up. Usually I just heat some leftover chicken soup in a big pot and dump a bunch of past in there The past usually soaks up the soup and the starch will thicken it up also, along with a big pile of Parmesan