26 Just-As-Good-Cold Dishes, Dips, and Bites For This Weekend's Tailgate

October 14, 2016

It's the night before the big game, and while your eyes might be on the clock at the moment (it's almost the weekend, horray!), what to tote to the tailgate tomorrow should also be on the top of your mind. (Right, right? Sports!). Before deciding what to make, ask yourself: "Will it still taste good at the end of the night?" Tailgating is, after all, an all-day affair.

Here are 26 dishes, dips, and bites that'll hold up all day long, and still taste good at the end of the night after sweet, sweet victory:

Messes of Nachos

Chili, Soups, & Stews

Meaty Mains

Baked Dips

Something Resembling Breakfast

Bits and Bobs

What are you taking to this weekend's tailgate—and would you eat it cold? Tell us in the comments below!

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