A Simple, Adaptable Formula for Creamy, Fruit-Filled Scones Every Season

December  7, 2016

Cookbook author Yossy Arefi keeps things simple when hosting during the holidays, so we partnered with siggi's to share a few recipes for her go-to brunch treats when things get hectic.

Winter is the coziest season to gather with friends, but it often feels super hectic because of holiday parties, travel schedules, and general end-of-year business. Still, I love making the time to host simple gatherings at home that don’t take much planning or fuss to pull off—cocktail hours, potluck dinner parties, and brunches (my favorite) are all low stress ways to get a group together.

When I am entertaining during this busy time of year (or, truthfully, any time of year), I keep things pared down—and that includes everything from setting the table to the food I serve. There is no need for elaborate place settings or menus; just put on chill holiday playlist, cook a couple of uncomplicated dishes, pick out a pretty bunch of flowers or branches, and gather at the table with friends to enjoy the season.

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I always bake something simple when I am hosting brunch, and that usually means scones (or possibly roasted pears). These wholesome spelt scones use a simple formula that can be adapted to suit whatever fruit is in season. In the fall and winter, fresh, tart cranberries pair just right with orange zest and sweet vanilla, but they are equally delicious with blueberries or blackberries and a bit of lemon or lime zest in the warmer months.

What fruit and flavors would you want to add to these scones for your brunch? Tell us in the comments below.

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Top Comment:
“I don't have spelt flour but I think I will get some to see what it is like. I think some walnuts or toasted pecans added would be great. ”
— Sue K.

When it comes to their traditional Icelandic yogurt, siggi's keeps things simple—just like Yossy does when she's hosting a cozy holiday brunch. See all their flavors, ranging from plain (no added sugar) to several naturally-sweetened fruit varieties, here.


Sarah C. December 8, 2016
I also have a question about the flour.... Can we use all regular flour?
Sherry E. December 8, 2016
is the heavy cream necessary, sub non-fat Greek yogurt ok?
Sue K. December 8, 2016
It should be ok
Monica December 8, 2016
<br />Can I use frozen cranberries?
Sue K. December 8, 2016
Thaw and drain
Sue K. December 7, 2016
Sounds wonderful. I don't have spelt flour but I think I will get some to see what it is like. I think some walnuts or toasted pecans added would be great.
lynn December 7, 2016
Did I miss the oven temp somewhere in the recipe?
Samantha W. December 7, 2016
Hi lynn, it's 400ºF!
Talia P. December 7, 2016
Can you sub something else for the spelt flour like buckwheat flour for example?<br />