The 2017 Piglet

Last Chance to Nominate Your Favorite Cookbooks of the Year

December 27, 2016

The Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks is our annual rompy yet no doubt cut-throat tournament where 16 of the year’s most intriguing, special, heartfelt cookbooks get pitted against each other in reviews by a spirited cast of judges. (Here’s what last year’s looked like.)

This year saw so many great cookbooks that when Amanda, Merrill, and Charlotte Druckman—the founders of The Piglet—came together to pick the 16 books that’d fight head to head—tooth and nail—in the NCAA-style tournament, things got ugly, emotional, the whole bit.

Then they turned their attention to the Community Picks—a secondary list of books we couldn’t not honor, that are featured in reviews written by you! Piglet command center started out like they normally do: They watched your tweets, comments, emails, and cheers, because the list is intended to be a snapshot of what you're interested in. They considered the books that are groundbreaking but maybe not as "cookable" as the books in the Piglet bracket, which all have to be very home cook-friendly (rules are rules). And they jotted down the books authored by Food52 family members (ahem, Amanda, Merrill, and Charlotte all came out with books this year); rules say we don't put those in the main bracket, but community picks are another ball game.

But then the team decided, you know, it was kind of hard to pick. Too hard. The list is meant to be the books you adored, and you no doubt have strong opinions about this year's releases, so we're turning the reigns fully over to you.

This year’s Piglet Community Picks will go and look a little different:

  • You get to nominate the books!!! Go to this Google Form to do so. Yes, you can nominate more than one book; no, you cannot vote for the same book more than once. More nuts and bolts are there in that form.

  • If you feel strongly about a book and you've been wanting to get your thoughts out to the world, tell us so—we could be in touch about you writing a Community Pick's review, which will run on each day of the Piglet tournament. More details are on the Google Form—just holler (i.e., sign up on the form) if you’d like to review a cookbook.

We’ll announce the line-up of books in January—the deadline to vote is December 30, 2016. 'Til then, get out your vote. Go!

This post was originally published on December 5, 2016.

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Ali S. February 18, 2017
Thanks to all who voted! To see the books that won, head here:
Mel January 26, 2017
When is the 2017 piglet and CP going to start?
Ali S. January 26, 2017
How did you know Piglet planners were just talking about this 3 minutes ago? Check back mid-February!
kahling February 2, 2017
Mid February? So far away.....
Sauertea January 1, 2017
Anthony Bourdain Appetites!!
BerryBaby December 30, 2016
Mario Batali Big American Cookbook! BB
Terry H. December 21, 2016
Whats the best to stay in the loop on this?
ChefJune December 5, 2016
Must these books all have been published in 2016?
Ali S. December 5, 2016