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14 Chilled Soups for Hot Summer Days

July  5, 2017

Cold soups are the perfect remedy for sweltering days, or just a break from summer BBQs, when all you want is something light and fresh. Gazpacho usually comes to mind, but you can really throw together a great summer soup with any seasonal ingredients you find in the market or have in the fridge.

We've compiled 14 soup recipes that can be enjoyed cold but don't stop there— use 'em as a starting point and riff on the recipes as you'd like. (See our suggestions after the post below!)

Dress It Up

  • Drizzle a few rounds of high quality olive oil, herb-infused oil, vinegar, or yogurt on top.
  • Finish your soup with a fistful of fresh chopped herbs like basil, cilantro, or parsley.
  • Contrast can be sweet with fruit.
  • For crunch add toasted nuts, coconut flakes, tortilla strips, or nori.
  • Make grilled cheese croutons (& other soup toppers) for a special touch.

For A Heartier Meal

  • Take a spin on Japanese cold soba noodles by adding rice, buckwheat, or udon noodles to a chilled broth.
  • Catch of the day: Top soup with seared scallops, lump crab meat, or fresh grilled fish.
  • Use up leftovers! grains, beans, or legumes can be mixed in; same with those vegetables— shave in summer squash, root vegetables, or corn.

What soups do you enjoy cold? Tell us how you might revamp them in the comments.

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Lyna Vuong

Written by: Lyna Vuong

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BerryBaby July 6, 2017
These all sound wonderfu. Maybe it's my upbringing but soup is served hot. I never could use to eating cold fruit soup. Reminds me of a smoothie in a bowl. I suppose I could drink it but then I'd need crushed ice added.
Nancy July 5, 2017
Good article.
I also like Hungarian fruit soups, especially cherry and plum.